Stones That Touch Your Soul!

Stones that touch your soul
Thank you for taking your precious time to visit my blog. What is  Touch Stone Artwork?   Touch Stone Artwork is my new line of rock art.  I use stones of differing size and shape in a variety of artistic ways.   When I look at rocks I see images in the stone.   I outline what I see in each stone using the colors and textures on each rock.   Touch Stone Artwork includes drawn rocks in paintings, jewelry, stone collages, and sculptures.  I also do individual stones in a variety of sizes.  My rock artwork uses stones from all over the world that have been lovingly collected by dear friends and myself.  They come from a wide variety of interesting places.  I can even take stones you have collected on your travels and turn them into artwork.  Most people find that holding a stone is comforting.  I have discovered that the stones themselves like to be touched and handled, hence the name; Touch Stone Artwork.

The stone on this page is a good example of how I find images in a rock.  The lighter areas are natural parts of the rock’s coloration.  All the outlines; nose, mouth eyes , etc. were already on the stone.  I simply saw the images within all the cracks and holes and made sense of them with my pen.    Sometimes what I see is not a perfect picture.  The dog face on top of the man’s head sort of looks like a dog, but it doesn’t look exactly like a dog.  Sometimes I outline those shapes anyway.  Often, I see multiple possible images in an area and I have to pick the image that seems to want to be drawn the most.  The little girl on the top right was only a partial picture but she wanted to be outlined.  I look at the rock from all angles until the rock is totally covered with pictures.  The drawings seem to blend naturally into the stone.  Once the rock is fully drawn it is difficult to see that I actually saw the outlines first.  I never know what I will see in a rock so each rock is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.   They are always a surprise to me.

I hope you enjoy what you see here at Touch Stone Artwork and , of course, I welcome your comments.


Karen Williams Smith